Treatments Available at East Finchley Clinic

Physiotherapy available at East Finchley Clinic
Physiotherapy helps people affected by pain, injury, weakness, illness and disability. Treatment aims to help you overcome physical difficulties and challenges, speeding your recovery where possible. Physiotherapy treatment may include movement, exercise, muscle strengthening, stretching, manual therapy, massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, education and advice.

A range of physiotherapy equipment is available including:
1. Interferential
2. Ultrasound
4. Heat treatments
5. Intermittent compression
6. Cold therapy
7. Neuromuscular stimulation
8. Traction

Acupuncture treatments available at East Finchley Clinic
Acupuncture is a gentle form of treatment that works with your body to aid healing. Acupuncture uses fine, sterile, single use needles, to help relieve pain, stiffness, weakness, and restore function. The aim of treatment is to help speed your recovery. Evidence shows that acupuncture can help pain, inflammation, spasm, and can aid healing.

Acupuncture may be used on its own, or as part of an integrated physiotherapy approach. Depending on the condition being treated, sessions may also include some form of manual therapy, exercise and lifestyle advice.

Wendy Longworth has extensive acupuncture experience. She studied for a 2 year Licentiate in Acupuncture at the British College of Acupuncture, and since obtaining that qualification, has undertaken a considerable amount of annual post-graduate study, in many aspects of acupuncture.